It’s Just Another Man Ache Monday. Courtesy of Michael Fassbender.

Screen caps I made & edited from a 2013 NYFF interview.

Michael Fassbender On His Favorite Shakespeare Play, Character & Film, Whether He Knew What He Wanted To Be In During High School And What Advice He’d Give To His Younger Self.

A couple tiny clips from two videos I chopped up and stuck together of Fass during awards season earlier this year.

Michael Fassbender Spotted And Papped At A Restaurant In London 7.14.14 (x), (x)

Here’s Michael, Back In May, Correctly Predicting The Country Of His Birth As The 2014 World Cup Winner.

A Little Fassbender / Cunningham Throwback





Back in 2010 photo retoucher, Michelle Kenna, worked with photographer, Barry McCall to create these gorgeous portraits (which we all know and love by now) of good friends, Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham. Below, she briefly recalls the shoot, which has since become her favorite.

When people ask what my favourite shoot has been to work on, I always say THIS one! Long before the days of Davos Seaworth and the young Magneto, the comical duo of Liam Cunningham and Michael Fassbender made their way into Bond Street Studios to be photographed by Barry McCall for his book, PHO20GRAPHY, in aid of the ISPCC (Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

Always a pleasure to work with, and a hilarious pair of buddies, I love the series Barry captured of these guys! Captured digitally, we went for an old school Polaroid Type 100 finish which I created in post, and think it looks fab on these strong portraits.

Photography by Barry McCall. Post-production by Michelle Kenna.


For Anyone Who Ever Wanted To Kiss Those Earlobes, Nibble That Nose & Lick That Scar.
I know we you weirdos are out there. classicamericanvirgo lenaoffassy fassbender-me-over

For Anyone Who Ever Wanted To Kiss Those Earlobes, Nibble That Nose & Lick That Scar.

I know we you weirdos are out there. classicamericanvirgo lenaoffassy fassbender-me-over

this is the truest fucking blog url i've ever heard. & I say that as a brown girl who LOVES that fucking handsome shark

YAAAASSS, sis. The truest.


I love my url even if no one else does because it will forever be true for me.  haihaiairey   #andmenocareifthatshitgotyafeelingsometypeofway

I love you and your work, but... you need to stop this blog. All those Michael pics you post are doing THINGS to me. And I need to work, girl, I've got a deadline here!! I thought I'd just stay off your blog for a while, but then I go online and UNF, that gorgeous ginger draws me back here all the time. Damn him! <3

He draws me back here all the time, too! I mean, look at him. All that UNF.


Just found your blog and I think it's totally amazing! *o* I also read the description of your blog. I was a bit surprised reading German in it since the official language of Tumblr is English. :D But I think it fits due to Fassbender being half German. x) Being German myself, I want to point out that it's "der beste Schauspieler IN der Szene", not "auf". :) I hope I'm not too straight forward; I just want to help since the use of prepositions is slightly different in German than in English.

Danke, freund! I might just get around to changing it one of these days. Hopefully sooner than it took me to get to your message ;-) Don’t anyone hold their breath, though. #cuzihavethememoryofagnat

Ever considered changing your name to fassylovesbrowngirls? Cuz c'mon... ;)


No comment from the peanut gallery, boo.

I made the mistake of watching Shame. Now I can't get his O face out of my head. But seriously, how great of an actor is he!? All the awards to Fassy!

I prefer his “I’m gonna simultaneously scare you & make you want to eff me” face:


And yes, all the awards!

But I don't appreciate your blog!!!! It's filled with absolutely beauty and I can't take it 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍 lol

Lol. Thank you! You know, if you ever meet Michael that’s exactly what you should tell him about his face. And make sure you film it because I would love see his reaction ;-)


I don’t have a baby pic of Fass but they’re eight years apart so these kiddie pics could very well have been taken around the same time. Bottom photo added for extra cuteness. It’s been forever since I actually made a post about these two. Feels kinda…strange.

F1 Driver Felipe Massa In Selfie Heaven With Michael Fassbender At The 2014 British GP

Fassbender, you’re killing me with that smile. I mean, LOOK AT THAT SMILE.